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Wednesday's rally is just the original day only, Thursday morning Tiaokongdikai 24 points, closing down 33 points still managed to close at 2897 points. Panic atmosphere, the most popular news on Thursday over the "panic of salt" news, so the A shares in the zone "salt" the word stock - Yunnan Salt also flying daily limit. These days, anti-radiation from the concept to the concept of salt, hot stocks speculation innovation, but really carried out, this column is more convinced - SNS social networking and new media industries.

One drug from the rush to grab salt

Salt from the concept to the concept of anti-radiation, recently, A-share market speculation innovation hot stocks. In real life, by the big earthquake in Japan, beginning March 16, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and more are buying salt phenomenon, some businesses took the opportunity to raise prices, around the Salt Bureau immediately launched the emergency plan. For industry experts, most of China's salt mine salt mine salt abundant resources, the supply is not a problem. Even the sea salt, also from Japan, was the possibility of contamination is small. But do not blame the people of this hastily panic, you know, even far away in the Pacific Ocean to the American people are beginning to fear of nuclear radiation, but also buy potassium iodide.


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